The MSABI sanitation team are currently training 3 masons in installing a Urine Diverting Dehydrating Toilet (UDDT) at Kiberege village market as part of the sanitation private sector development.  The toilet will have 2 rooms with dual purpose latrine-shower and 4 vaults underneath.
Due to the rapid increase in business activities, this small market accommodates a big number of traders as well as local residences.

 Figure 1. A picture showing sample of pit latrine at Kiberege market 

Figure 2. The old latrine that was used at Kiberege market

 The area public health officer has put restrictions on constructing individual latrines in these households as it is designated as a business area. As a result, the traders residing in the area have to walk a distance of 300m to access the nearest latrine at a nearby dispensary. The new facility will be a shared facility used by the 15 house holds belonging to the traders around the market area and their customers.
      Figure 3. Inside the latrine, showing a place for taking shower

   Figure 4. A picture showing pit latrine room.

Prepared by Benedict J. Mgubike