MSABI Internal Training

Monday October 22nd marks the first day of an internal training course here at MSABI in Ifakara.  The attendees are a mixture of existing and newly recruited staff members that will fill various roles including educators, water & sanitation field staff, and administration posts.

 Hija Choyo (Finance / Administration Manager) 
welcomes the group, and gives a program overview.

Due to continued growth of MSABI’s program of work, and strong community demand for services, the team is expanding to meet deliverables across the board. The purpose of the training is to prepare new staff for their respective field roles by providing an overview of the history of MSABI, an understanding of our organisational scope and role in meeting the health and sanitation needs of Tanzanian communities, and insight into the processes and technology involved with implementation of each intervention.  Additionally, the training course provides an opportunity for existing staff to review and refresh their knowledge, and share their valuable experience with new colleagues.

  Santiago Kinana (Education Field Manager) 
provides a briefing on the course schedule.

The training course will be run over a fortnight, with a strong emphasis on practical experience, and visits into the field.  After the training is completed attendees will commence work in their new project teams, and the largest group – the educators, will be dispatched to the field for an intensive program of meetings, dramatizations, school visits, and household level education sessions across the Kilombero Valley.

 Naomi Ng’endo (Asst Program / Sanitation Manager) 
delivers a briefing on the Sanitation Project.