Pottery Opening

Brief historical Background  

My name is Bruno Sanga, I am working at MSABI organisation as Manager of Pottery Project. This project started in 2009, at Lumemo village. Where Mr Dale Young (MSABI Founding and Managing Director) visited the local potters who were making local pots and kitchens. From the visit he got an idea to make a prototype filter pot by using the same clay with burn out materials the first mixture was clay and saw dust and the second was clay and rice husk. He explained that idea to the local pottery women. They all agreed the idea and formed a group which called Upendo Group (The word Upendo means Love in English) and soon experiment started in 2010 we stopped to use saw dust as a burn out material because had much fuel which  caused less flow rate . Rice husk seemed to be good though slabbing technic during that time made 95% fired pots cracked.

In 2011 we ordered the moulds from Nicaragua and a 30 ton jack with its frame from Dar es Salaam . From that time we stopped slabbing technic so we started pressing technic which brought us in to successful  experiment. Only 5% of pots produced cracked. We produced several filters and sent then to IHI laboratory for scientific experiments and  approval. We tested them many times and the efficiency in bacteria removing were very fantastic. The filter pots removing bacteria for more than 98% before silver application and 99.98% after colloidal silver application. Currently we have started selling the filter pots  to the community.

The people in kilombero valley are very happy to get simple and cheap way for water treatment in household . As MSABI organisation safe water is our policy.

Opening Ceremony at Lumemo pottery workshop

In 8th of August (Nanenane day, a national farmers day) MSABI inaugurated filter pot production and its distribution to the community . Ifakara Ward Executive officer on behalf of the district council chairman attended as a guest of honour. From the date of opening, we started to sell the filter pots to local community in Kilombero valley.

Gathering at the ceremony
Mr Ngakuka, one among MSABI directors talk to the gathering.
Pottery Manager, Bruno Sanga explaining something

District Government representative


Bruno Sanga