Low-Cost Borehole Camera Trials

We recently carried out some testing to establish a new alternative to expensive CCTV borehole cameras.  The picture above shows the image from a HD sports camera (approx. 50USD) 14m down a borehole.  The image quality is adequate and will allow MSABI to monitor any problems if/when they occur.  One challenge is that there is no live image from the camera, you must pull out the camera and upload the video file onto computer before viewing.

Image showing collapsed casing and debris from surface of abandoned borehole.

The camera is fixed to a strong rope and carefully tied to suspend the camera vertically, in the future we may create a seat for the camera.  The camera enabled us to, for the first time, see a local borehole which had collapsed, potentially due to substandard quality in the PVC casing.  This is a useful tool not only for future borehole rehabilitation programmes, but also for monitoring quality of our work post-construction.  More images to follow.

Image showing HD sports camera, adapted for use as borehole camera.

This camera and rope combination is significantly cheap than professional CCTV equipment (x8) otherwise available on the market. 

Kiran Gowda and Maurus Sambakali.