Education Team Training

In preparation for a new round of education and mobilisation activities MSABI has trained (and for some re-trained) members of our education teams.  In the coming months they will travel throughout the valley to give community drama meetings, mobilisation meetings and school drama meetings.

The aim of the training is to ensure that the correct messages are being delivered MSABIs educators have been thoroughly trained.  Not only in the specifics of the hygiene education programme but also in the broad range of MSABI activities.

Bruno talking the new educators through the filter pot production process.

The teams had briefings from the project managers of the water points, sanitation and hygiene programmes to ensure they have a full understanding.  Members were also briefed by the office and visited MSABI’s pottery site where out Clay Tembo Filter Pots are produced.

Clay Powdering - Hands on experience for educators!

MSABI’s aim is that all educators are able to not only pass on messages of hygiene, sanitation and safe water but also have a good knowledge of all MSABI activities, our aims and our approach.  This will allow them to be true ambassadors for the MSABI approach and improve the companies reputation in the areas we work.

Educators also learned how the Rope Pump functions and how to check and replace the rope.

From the 9th July the 13 person strong education team will depart to the areas of Mlimba, Chita and Kiberege with 200 village meetings scheduled they could be reaching around 100,000 people.

Santiago and the MSABI Team.