District Government visit at MSABI pottery workshop

Recently, Kilombero District government officials visited the MSABI pottery workshop at Lumemo village. The visit aimed at identifying projects that will be inaugurated during “Sherehe za Mwenge wa Uhuru” (“Independence Torch” ceremony) to be conducted on 15th July 2012 and attended by the Tanzanian President.  A delegation of more than 12 officials including the District Commissioner (DC), District Executive Director (DED), District Administrative Secretary (DAS), District Security Officer, District Cultural Officer, and Ifakara Ward Executive Officer.
The visitors were instructed on the manufacturing process for the production of the clay water filters which are produced locally by a womens pottery group.  MSABI Tanzanian staff Bruno Sanga, Hija Choyo and Samson Chitalika facilitated the tour.

The Kilombero District Officials were highly impressed with what MSABI is doing for improving health of the Kilombero community by ensuring safe,clean and sustainable water facilities.
See the pictorial illustration below,

District officials start a tour

 Hija(with a blue shirt) explaining the project to the delegation. 

Pottery women at work

Tour continues at the kiln
Bruno explaining something.the firing process
DC signing our visitor book before departure.

DED signing our visitor book before departure.
After the visit MSABI was informed that the project was selected for participation in the torch ceremony.  MSABI will present our filter project to the Tanzanian President on the 15th July.