I would like to share an email from one of our UK Engineers Without Borders volunteer, Kiran Gowda.  Kiran provides a nice update on the capacity of the MSABI Tz team whilst myself and Nik are overseas.  The work details recent water point installations managed in entirety by Tanzanians.  MSABI is really on a full head of steam at present and we are all working strongly towards our vision of creating local independent water and sanitation service delivery business supported by a Tanzanian MSABI team.

This work is very impressive and shows the culmination of several
changes to improve our water points, some through consultation with
partners.  Including the following:

 - 90 Bend – to prevent objects entering borehole, improve appearance
 - Handle design changed - To be robust and protect bearings.
 - Improved metallic couplings to hold discharge and return pipes –
from partner meetings.
 - Improved sanitary seal mix – to protect from contaminated surface waters
 - Galvanised cover – which will hopefully look better for longer.
 - Very well constructed apron – by a recently trained apprentice driller
 - Class C Casing– to mitigate against collapse risk, poor Class B PVC quality.
 - Mandatory Soakpit - With ‘software’ for community to maintain and
value importance.

The site was assessed while testing the new Geohm cable to provide
information on the risk of drilling in the area which has shallow
rock.   Though shallower than our target 28m (due to hard rock) we
expect this borehole will continue to provide plentiful water.

The project was completed swiftly after receipt of payment, with clear
communication with our client, IHI.  Only teamwork achieves this.

This is a good opportunity to reflect on our successes, considering
the many challenges we face.