Putting it into action

This month, Sanitation project team has been conducting the annual evaluation survey on the MSABI household latrines. 

During a routine stop at a household Eco san latrine in Namawala, the team comprising of Sarah,myself and Stanislaus found a jerry can full of concentrated urine. Upon educating the family on its importance, the team decided to show the family and curious onlookers on just how it’s done

Educating the members of the household on just how to do it.

The team diluted the 20l jerry can of conc. urine such that one part of urine was mixed with 4 parts of water. Adjacent to the toilet was a field full of sweet potatoes on which we applied the urine at the base of 3 ridges.

Digging the trench at the base of the ridge in which to apply the diluted urine

Stanislaus applying the diluted urine. Curious onlookers watching in the background
This caused excitement from the family and the onlookers that one person took 20l of the diluted urine to use on his maize farm…just to see for himself whether it really works! The family invited us back for breakfast once the sweet potatoes are ready. Should be a yummy treat!