'Chilli Giganto'

This month has been one very interesting month for me being in the field with Sarah and Stanislaus.
On monday this week i got to observe whether students at the Idete primary school really wash their hands with soap at the hand washing facility we provided with the MSABI school latrine.

 It's a 20 minutes study done over 10 oclock tea break at the school. It involves the sanitation project staff sitting in a hidden strategic point and counting the number of boys and girls who enter the latrine block and those who stop to wash their hands before racing out of the latrine block to buy that very important piece of cassava that goes with the tea. More of this when the study is complete.....

Later in the day, in Namawala at Eco san latrine number 15 we encountered this interesting sight, where the owner planted this chilli plant behind his latrine. This was as a result of frustration from people stealing his urine collecting jerry can. So to solve this late last year, he redirected the urine pipe into the soak pit chamber (bottom right in the picture), in which wash water from the bathroom section provided within the latrine soaks away and into the ground. During a site visit in September last year, we found it just after he had planted it.
  From the looks of it, this chilli plant is thriving!