Rainy Season, Kilombero Basin(Valley)

picture of flooded plain near Ifakara Town
MSABI and its team are slowly putting down the interventions activities due bad weather condition. As noticed from the picture above big clouds in the sky with pool of water around the surface making it harder for its team to keep on with interventions activities. Hence at the moment MSABI is operating strategically to areas that can easily be reached and planning for the next summer season to go back to the very remote areas. Apart from this situation being an obstacle for carrying its activities MSABI feel proud since it concentrated much of its efforts at the end of 2011 and early this year to reach very remote areas during dry season and we are happy that they are now accessing clean and reliable water especially at this season that always occurs big contamination to clean and safer water source.

As one of the team member with couple of experience for living at Kilombero valley, I see MSABI has done quite a lot to increase accessibility to clean and safe water as well as hygienic improvements that has narrowed the usually explosion of what is called (kipindupindu ie. cholera) especially in this season. MSABI team members are now busy concentrating on the improvement of systems (both for intervention and office) and planning for the best future.

Hija Choyo