Intern Post 3 - Project Planning / Management

Project planning and management is important part in any organization, particularly MSABI, as gives a clear picture on what the organization will do and what it wants to achieve in the future.
MSABI aims at solving problems concerning poor access to safe water, lack of hygiene as well as sanitation in kilombero valley, through installation safe water points, building of safe latrines as well as rising awareness to the community providing education to community as well as schools which go hand to hand with assessing different water point and mapping them.

Currently MSABI is preparing a plan for the next round of our education programme which will start from June when the dry season returns, therefore it is easy to group big number of people and therefore deliver the message through meetings concerning the safe water, hygiene and sanitation through meeting, which will help community to protect them from disease particularly diarrhea, cholera and other caused by unsafe water, lack of hygiene and sanitation.
MSABI is taking the opportunity of having interns, who are mostly university student like myself to carry out tasks which will make them have work experience as well as helping the community through their mankind, currently we are planning the education project which will start from June because at that time will be dry season and farming activities will be not much concentrated which will make them easy grouped in a good number so as MSABI educator can deliver the message concerning safe water, hygiene and sanitation as explained above.
The plan will comprise of a work breakdown structure (WBS) that is activities and task to be carried out, which will facilitate giving responsibility to different workers as well as preparation of budget (detailed budget).
Generally I am happy to be an intern here as it give experience as well as confidence in working while helping the community around us. Also am so glad to encourage our dear sisters and brothers to have tendency of helping our community in one or another way in terms of cash or mankind like me.
Thank you.
Novatus Mwangeta. 3rd year student at The university of Dodoma (UDOM) pursuing Bachelor of Arts In Project Planning Management and Community Development(BA PPM&CD)