Updates on Pottery

My name is Bruno Sanga I am working to one 0f MSABI project known as pottery.I am a core subproject manager, the project is going on well. We are producing the filter pots with the mixture of clay and rice husk and water. We produce them by using two moulds, a female mould and a male mould, also we use a workshop press with a jack of thirty tons. The filters take about ten days to dry but this depending on air condition because sometime they dry up to two weeks. After that we load them into the kiln then we fire, after firing our lab technician takes them to the lab for testing. The results are very interesting and filters are about 96% to 99% bacteria removal without silver application. We are at the last point to improve the quality of the filters. We expect to start the distribution of the filter pot in the mid of March this year. From that time the solution of diseases related to water will be found because these filter pots will help the communities living in rural areas which never boiled or treated drinking water.


Bruno Sanga