Happy NY

Happy NY.
The year ahead for MSABI looks very busy.
The team is back on deck.  As well as all our existing intervention programs there are many additional tasks we are aiming to full-fill this year:

  • This year we aim to handover our drilling business to private ownership. Two of our drilling managers, Hashim and Maurus, will buy-out the equipment and contract to MSABI - essentially managing all aspects of water point installations.  Tranisition will occur July 2012 - the start of drilling after the wet season.  MSABI will assist with contract management, quality control and donor subsidies.
  • We will move to commercialisation of filter pots, and work towards private ownership and management of the filter pot business.  The womens group will operate the manufacturing of pots and one of their sons plans to manage the business. MSABI will ensure quality control of pots through regular lab testing.
  • Our education programs will continue to roll-out through the Kilombero Valley, complimented by radio programs and our two drama teams.
  • We will work towards expanding our engineering and health research programs.  EWB-UK have expressed interest in scaling up our engineering research activities.  At present we are working on improving rope pump designs, guide blocks, iron/manganese removal, sanitary seal material selection, compost systems, and a solar powered water kiosk which will produce bottled quality water.  Ifakara Health Institute are also keen to expand partnerships.
  • We will undertake our first WASH training program in August for EWB-UK.  Details to follow in a later blog post.
  • We are really excited about our community management models - with strong emphasis on sustained business models.  The main focus is our sms for water initiative that involves water point owners having the capacity to update the status of their water point through sms - which reports to a central live mapping repository.  Further, a monthly insurance policy whereby owners pay a small fee in return for guaranteed spare parts and repair assistance.
  • We will put a large amount of energy into scaling our sanitation program with a market based approach.
  • All water points will be tested and water quality parameters logged.

A busy year ahead!
For myself, this year is looking a bit crazy with trips to Tanzania, Hawaii, Fiji, Solomons, Indonesia and possibly the US.