Western Failure and Local Ingenuity

Two short movies that are very much worth watching:

Western Aid Failures:

and an example of local ingenuity and ownership:

In reference to the top movie -->  In reading the comments below the TED movie I found the following comment which partially reflects my thoughts: 

"Thanks Dave for being honest and attempting to find a real solution. In your analysis of failure consider these three elements: System Engineering; Life cycle Planning; and, Ownership. I think your model was partly addressing the ownership part but it can’t be overemphasized. Whether it is NGO, GO, etc trying to achieve a goal if the people themselves don’t own it won’t work. I would never start a project without knowing “who” will own the operation of it."

I would also add that "Good Governence" is critical to longterm success in Africa - and this is currently a big failure of Africa.  Also,  fit for purpose, intimate local knowledge and engagement are equally important as part of a "recipe" for success.  The viewer comments below David's TED video are worth a quick read and give a feel for the complexity and passion this topic evokes.

As for the second movie. Well it's just bloody amazing.
Cheers, Dale.