Rope Pump - Guide block development

A crucial part of the rope pump design is the guide block. It guides the rope and pistons back into the rising main, sitting at the bottom of the borehole where water is drawn from the aquifer. The guide block must match various criteria, most importantly that it should minimise friction on the rope. Friction can significantly damage both the rope and, over time, the guide block itself.

An old guide block showing wear due to friction as the rope passes.

Coupling research and development with it's interventions MSABI is continously testing and refining it's products. The photo below shows the development over time of MSABI's guide block applications, developed against the following criteria: cost, friction/wear reduction, size, ease of insertion/removal etc.

The progression of MSABI guide blocks, oldest on the right to current on the left.

Along with the hardware aspects of rope pump installation MSABI takes time to educate the community/client to maintain and operate their borehole. The rope must not be too tight otherwise this will result in excessive friction at the guide block.