Iam Maurus working in Msabi project as the assistant field operations manager and
procurement manager.Iam talking about purchase of different materials used by
Msabi especially on the side of drilling .A person can ask him/her self why Msabi is purchasing things in Dar and not in Ifakara.
There are two things which made Msabi not to do so, first thing is about availability of materials needed, secondly is about the price and standards of materials needed.Forexample pvc pipes 4”class b&c in Ifakara is not easy to find them ,so if one finds is difficult to purchase compared to Dar.The real example 3”pvc pipe class b in Dar is sold for 32,000Tzs but in Ifakara is about 45,000tzs .For this case it is better to do it in Dar because the gap between these places is big, so for a normal business man can not afford .Though Dar is far away from Ifakara ,still
Msabi can purchase many materials for little amount of money.