Report compiled by Naomi Ng’endo
USAID-funded project management:
Conducted two live radio shows.
  • 1st topic comprised introduction to MSABI program by Mr. Ngakuka and Hashim Mtoi,
  • 2nd topic provided an indepth look into the appropriate technologies adopted by MSABI in rope pumps and drilling by Hashim and Maurus, their suitability in Kilombero and an intro into the health risks imposed by the open wells, which is a stepping stone to the next radio topic on health and sanitation situation in Kilombero and the solutions (to be done by Naomi, Eston and 1 guest health specialist to be confirmed.)

Field Activites Conducted to Date
  • 25 mobilization meetings and 2 wow visits. Encountered challenges with Idete village leaders who instituted a condition that any person having education forums with community should be accompanied by a village head representative with transport being covered by MSABI. Dialogue is still on-going. Santiago and Brown have moved to other areas first awaiting this to be solved.
  • 30 community drama team meetings reaching so far 6,374 people and 80 school drama presentation reaching 30,116 school kids and teachers.
  • 16 water points already completed. GPS and picture submitted to office for payments. Only water testing is remaining for these water points so as to complete Environmental Evaluation forms for submission to Winrock.
  • Remaining water points: 3 in Kikwawila contract nos 187,188 and 189-Surveyed by Maurus awaiting assignment of a drilling team.

Upcoming Tasks for the month of December/Januaury 
  • Make 3rd Radio broadcast.
  • Perform water testing for installed water points once reagents arrive (currently going through customs and TRA at Dar airport) and complete the final water quality section of Winrock Environmental Evaluation Forms.

  • Construction nearing completion at Mhelule Primary school. Has numerous challenges in terms of providing the required materials on time and payment of laborers by the village causing unnecessary delays.
  • To mitigate this, 20 additional potential schools in need of latrines as per priority list provided by Joseph from school education program have so far been contacted to prepare materials. Construction will be on a first-come-first-served basis for those fully prepared.

Upcoming Tasks for the month of December: Do private installations whose donations are pending allowing time for 1 more school to confirm (Total 3 for USAID first phase) and for all to fully prepare materials.