Bushes and Bearings

As you are aware our rope pumps are manufactured locally, all materials can be easily sourced from local markets. This has the advantage that repairs can be performed by local technicians, quickly and relatively cheaply.

Image of worn bushes, following extensive use.

The bushes on the rope pump hold the wheel axle to the frame. Metal wear is caused by the motion of the wheel turning, the bushings experience continuous dynamic forces and friction. On installing our pumps we give guidance on how to operate and maintain the pump, including the oiling of the bearings. However, over time they inevitably become warn and need replacement, see photo above.

Image of client retrofitted bearings.

Recently I visited a borehole in the field where a MSABI client had retrofitted their own bearing system onto the rope pump, this lead to a very smooth turn. It is very refreshing to see this innovation from a client. We are now looking at the costs of such bearings and the feasibilty of using the system on more pumps.