Introduction of MSABI new staff: Eston

My name is Eston Yesaya, I am the new MSABI Laboratory
Technician.  I pursued a bachelor degree of Food Science and Technology at Sokoine University of Agriculture.
Consumer Safety is of great importance in this world
of different technological innovations in various fields including the Food Industry.
MSABI has come up with a simple and environmentally friendly innovation, the filter pots that ensures the health of people is not compromised from enteric pathogenic bacteria particularly the E. coli and Coli forms.
Furthermore MSABI constructs water bore holes with a
rope pump at relatively low costs and at high efficiency for pumping water. Raw water from different bore holes is microbiologically and chemically examined and subjected to the filter pots. Filtrates are analysed and the ability of the pots to purify water proved.  Previous work determine the efficiency of removing bacteria to be at percentages of about 99.9%.  Being the new employee, my wish is to see the plans and goals of the organisation, which are typically bound in provision of safe drinking water and sanitation to the people of Ifakara, are attained. People should trust MSABI since the organisation posses essential resources with well equipped personnel to run all activities at a professional level.  It is my hope that MSABI shall become the centre of Excellency, thus increasing its vision towards being a strong and influential NGO in the world.