District Government Meeting

Recently, MSABI held a large meeting with representatives from  the local Kilombero District government.
The local ward councillors, council’s heads of department and representatives of the Kilombero district were present. Three members of the Tanzanian government were also attended the meeting.

MSABI provided an overview of our progress and future plans for the District. The team also explained and demonstrated all different techniques used in the different subprograms and explained the beneficial impacts of the programs through improving health of the local population and by creating local employment and stimulating the local economy.

The government representatives agreed to improve collaboration with MSABI in the near future. The participants also showed interest in the development of the additional departments of research and teaching and training, in collaboration with local and international partners.

MSABI will present a proposal to the local government for improved collaboration and assistance in 2012.

Kilombero Council assembly present for MSABI workshop

MSABI presentation

(L) Chairman Ramadhani Kiombile of the Kilombero Council and (R) Member for Parliament Mr Abdul Mteketa

MSABI board member mzee Benedict Ngakuka

A Councillor contributing to the meeting

MSABI assistant program manager Naomi N'gendo presents to the members