Setting Rope Pump Standards In Tanzania

My name is Hashim Mtoi. I’m working at Msabi as Field Program Manager in the rope pump and drilling programme.

Last week MSABI went to Morogoro to attend a meeting for Rope Pump standards in Tanzania. We set up minimum and preferred standards for all elements of rope pump manufacture and borehole construction. Two of us from MSABI attended, myself and Kiran Gowda who is civil engineering volunteer from the Engineers Without Borders.

There were several NGOs attending this meeting including MSABI, iWASH and SHIPO.  The meeting was conducted by Henk Holstag (Smart Tech Against Poverty) and Kees Vogt (iWASH).

The aim of this meeting was to plan how can we make the Rope Pump to be more sustainable and for life. The meeting agreed that we have to maintain the existing quality standards of our pumps but also make improvements. We will therefore be testing new cover designs in the coming months along with our ongoing research into guideblock designs, sanitary seal placement and soak pits. Indeed the meeting covered all these areas, and provided several items of action research. MSABI appears to be well placed to use it’s interventions to test and develop the product.