Government meetings and support

It is nice to see that the Tanzanian Government is engaging and supporting MSABI services.  Two prominant local leaders who we have recently presented our program to include the National MP for Kilombero Valley, Honourable Abdul Mkeketa and the Chairman for the Kilombero District Council Mr Ramadhani Kiombile.  Both leaders have pledged their support to the MSABI program.  MSABI is growing and gaining strong support from the community and within Government.  MSABI was recently mentioned and discussed in the National Tanzanian Parliament during discussion on the annual water budget.  We will continue to work towards strengthening our partnership with the Tanzanian Government.  We are hopeful that the Kilombero Council will provide funding for the subsidy gap for new water points and sanitation.  This would lead to fully funded water and sanitation programs by Tanzanians - from community and government contributions.

MSABI Engineer and Assistant Program Manager Naomi N'gendo, Honourable MP Abdul Mteketa and myself (Dale Young)

MSABI Program Manager Dr Nik Holbro, Kilombero Chairman Mr Ramadhani Kiombile, and myself (Dale Young)