Filter Pot news

Michael Vanek, a friend of mine who is working for Katadyn (Swiss company producing ceramic filters and new MSABI partner), visited MSABI for about 3 weeks. Michael was head of research at Katadyn and volunteered to come to Ifakara and help push forward the filter pot project and our water testing procedures. Swiss TPH kindly sponsored his travelexpenses from Switzerland. Michael was very helpful and MSABI was very pleased to have him here.

He was involved in setting up our standards for watertesting procedures. He also tested 20 pots and the results were very promising. We get an average bacterial removal efficiencyof 98.5 %, with a range between 95 and 100%. However, the flow rate of the newly produced pots is pretty low, with an average flow rate of 1 l/h.

We are waiting for the next batch for more testing and confirmation of the results.
Unfortunately we have problems with the pyrometer (devicefor measuring temperature in the kiln), the display is defective and we are currently waiting for a replacement from Europe to precisely measure the firing profiles.  This could strongly influence filter pot quality and variability inmeasured parameters.

We are also in the process of hiring a lab technician to routinely test efficiency and perform research on improving quality of pots.There is a huge potential for doing high quality research working on the development of filter pots (once we have a working prototype).  Such research ideas include trying to include new materials (such as activated carbon), and doing field research on analysing community uptake, problems and challenges.

For now the goal is still to get a highly effective filterpot with a relatively high flow rate in the coming few months and I think theresults gathered by Michael look very promising.

Cheers, Nik.

Michael Vanek testing pots in the IHI lab

MSABI filter pots

Raw water samples were collected from the local Lumemo River.