World Vision Visit

The World Vision Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) team from Ethiopia, Uganda and Tanzania spent a week with MSABI learning about our program.  World Vision is considering piloting similar programs and came on a fact finding mission to learn how they could adapt elements of our program to suit the requirements for their larger NGO.  The team had a very intensive few days involving technical theory of the technologies we use, site visits of IHI and the TTCIH training centre, field visits of our pumps and latrines, pottery project, drama team, and visits to the local pump manufacturing fabricator and drill teams.  Some great discussions were held regarding program model design – how to replicate and scale – and the challenges faced by small versus large NGOs. 
MSABI and World Vision team. From left, Chim, Dale, Naomi, John, Innocent, Godfrey, Nik and WV driver

Innocent and Godfrey from World Vision inspect and discuss a local water point in Kibioni.  On the same day MSABI commenced drilling a community funded borehole just 100m from this point.  We hope that we replace this water point as the primary source of drinking water in this area.

World Vision manager Chim attempts to draw water from the shallow open well.  The water was very turbid (dirty) and poses a risk to health and also to persons who may fall into the hole whilst drawing water.

Dale (checkered shirt) explains the design behind the Idete Primary School wastewater treatment system to World Vision staff