World First 2 in 1 Submersible and Rope Pump

MSABI has completed its first submersible pump and rope pump combination in a borehole with 4” casing.  The design allows for the submersible pump to be located below the guide block of the rope pump.  In this situation the borehole is 30m, the submersible pump at 25m and the bottom of the rope pump (guide block) at 15m.  The top 1m of the borehole has a 6” casing adaptor to allow for enough room to situate rising mains, electrical conduit and submersible pump safety rope.  The demand for this design is strong due to the unreliability of the power supply.  During the dry season demand for power outstrips the ability of the national grid – which is reliant on hydro power.  The power can sometimes be offline for weeks.  MSABI believes this design might be a world first.