Water testing with Novartus

Last week Novartus, a member of MSABI’s education team was working with a group of students and staff from Michigan Tech and The University of Arizona. They were here in Tanzania testing a new machine that uses florescent light to detect bacteria in water samples. Novartis took them to open wells, rope pumps and closed wells through Namawala, Idete, and Ifakara. He also visited The Lumemo and Idete rivers with them. When I asked him about his experience with them he said:
“I liked working with them because I learned how to do water testing. I also liked interacting with a new group of people. This was the first time I physically got to see the amount of bacteria in water and I thought it was very interesting. Despite this I wasn’t surprised to see how many bacteria there were because of the training I received from MSABI during my training with the education team.”