Back in Ifakara (Nik)

Hi. I am back in Ifakara after a long period spent in Switzerland.

It was very nice to see my family and friends back home.

I was home for more than 3 month, taking part at the “Health Care and Management in Tropical Countries” Course. This course gave me a broader knowledge about different public health related issues and solutions. It was very intensive and informative and I could also connect to several interesting people from Africa, Asia and Europe. The course participants were from all over the world and from very different backgrounds, from doctors and nurses to sociologists, and it was very interesting linking up with them. The course facilitators were from Swiss TPH but also from other universities and I could link up with potential new partners for our interventions and research activities.

During my time in Switzerland I could also get in contact with some new and potential new MSABI sponsoring partners. I could meet with different private persons, organizations and companies and the interest about our activities is great. This is going to be a very busy year with a lot of potential new partnerships and collaborations to be assessed and implemented. I was also working on our new website and we would be glad for all your suggestions and possible improvements.

Coming back to Ifakara was very nice. It was impressive to see how MSABI grows and what could be achieved in the few months I was gone. Work in the field has been progressing and we will have to strongly focus on building our capacity and developing systems to be able to manage the growing demand for our services from community and donors.

After the raining season, high demand for our pumps now restarted and many community and private people visited us asking for boreholes and pumps. We will have a very busy and challenging period in the field.

Naomi is very busy in working with new schools for the creation of new school installations in the valley.

I was very impressed by the work at the pottery. The new pots manufactured with the press look of very high quality and perform very well in efficiency tests. I think we are in the last phase of producing a very high quality product ready for community distribution in the coming months.

Our first medium-sized epidemiology research project, in collaboration with Swiss TPH, is turning to an end and the three involved Master students are now back in Switzerland. Data analysis will be concluded in the coming weeks and we are all looking forward to know the results.

I am very much looking forward for the many tasks and challenges here and I am sure we will be very successful thanks to a great team, spirit and innovative approaches.

Thanks you all for all your support!