2nd Annual Pump Survey

MSABI has completed its second annual pump survey.  The details of the results have yet to be fully analysed – however their are some quite obvious results worth sharing early.  Basically, any pump privately owned is operational.  Two pumps that are not working are communal pumps that MSABI replaced an existing broken pump and put on a rope pump – one does not have adequate water, the other has a dysfunctional communal management system.  We are also seeing some cracks in management systems where infrastructure is largely provided free and their is no direct personal ownership – for example the maintenance and management of MSABI pumps owned by schools varies between good and bad.  We are working on subscription maintenance systems for schools and other clients who request that service – ie pay $3 per month and MSABI will provide maintenance and guarantee spares – we don’t want to create dependence on MSABI, rather another local business opportunity.  Other things we will look to improve is our supply chain for spare parts – more an awareness issue of where parts can be located.  And also ensuring adequate training is provided to new owners of boreholes/pumps.  An overview of pumps that are two years old has found all are still working and in good order, however their appearance is far from sexy.  The main part that needs replacing is the rope.  The new ceramic guide block design will ensure the life of rope will increase significantly (>1 year) compared to the original galvanised steel pipe guides (3-12 month rope life).  The mild steel painted hood on two year old pumps is often found rusting and in a poor state – and really this hood serves no function other than initial aesthetics – we would like to work on looking at material replacement (eg aluminium or moulded plastic) or a change in pump design.  The other main complaint is the cleanliness of pumps.  Quite a few pumps have algae/mould growing on the parts that are contacted with water – such as the wheel.  Its hard to understand why people do not bother to clean their pumps.

An example of a poorly cleaned pump and rusting hood.  IMO the hoods main purpose is aesthetics, but after 2 years they look terrible. 

After 2-years some pumps do not look sexy but they are working and are able to be repaired when there are problems (such as rope breaking)

Cracked drain.  We were taught this building technique from another NGO who assured it was strong and long lasting.  Basicallyit is a v-drain made from bricks and concrete plaster.  We have found this design and construction techique inadequate.  We have changed the construction to a solid concrete channel which I will detail in a forthcoming post.