Ingenious Petro Mhagama

Petro Mhagama is not only one of our most hard working drillers but is also very inventive. One modification he has made is he has replaced the need for an endless supply of bolts, used to shorten the chain which lifts the drilling pipe with a simple hook. Previously the drillers would need to screw and unscrew a bolt, which would quickly wear and break, in order to shorten and lengthen the chain every half an hour as they progress into the earth. So this not only saves maintenance costs and increases drilling speed but also down-time as they wait for spares to arrive from town. The manual drilling technology that MSABI uses is a relatively young technological development in its present form. There is a huge amount of developments that can be made to the technique to reduce costs, improve efficiency and increase the areas that we are able to drill. With your support MSABI will continue to develop the technology together with our drillers, making good water points accessible to even more disadvantaged communities in Tanzania.