GEOHM 5 Tutorial

Last week Maurus and several other staff participated in a special tutorial on GEOHM 5, he had this to say about it:

For the last couple of weeks MSABI staff has been undergoing training concerning, how to effectively locate good places for drilling. The instructor of this training was Mr. Gareth from Holland.Several people from Iwash and Shipo also attended the training. The target of the training was to learn how to choose the best place for drilling. The tool is called a GEOHM 5, Ground Tester and It is very useful because it is able to show us what is underneath the ground. For example, at Idete church one of the places we surveyed,we found hard rock, a substance that local drill rigs can't drill through. Although this tool is not 100% accurate we hope that it will help to decrease our losses significantly by preventing us from wasting time drilling at an undesirable location. The GEOHM is also able to measure the amount of salt which is in water. Our training was very informing and I look forward to more exercises on how to use it.