Quick update from Tanzania

Hi Dale here. I have been back in Tz for the past 2 weeks.  It has been a hectic time with meetings in Dar with WSP (world bank sanitation program),  Ifakara ( Swiss TPH and TTCIH) and Morogoro (Winrock consortium).  In between I have been catching up on the ground with the project team.  A big thanks to Cai Williams who has finished a 12-month volunteer placement to MSABI.  Cai has made some big impacts in improving our rope pump manufacture quality and office systems.  Of particular note is the capacity building he has provided in terms of building the management skills of MSABIs local logistics and procurement manager Maurus Sambakali.  Similary, the skills he has transfered to the staff of a local fabrication business will be life lasting.  There is a strong surge in support for the MSABI concept and we are proud to welcome new partners with Novartis Foundation and Katadyn. 
We look forward to working together with both these organisations.  We also look forward to announcing some additional major partnerships in the coming months.

Further, MSABI has received funding for a second phase program with Tanzanian Breweries Limited.  MSABI engineer and assistant program manager Naomi N'gendo and MSABI Director Honarathy Urassa travelled to Dar to receive a cheque for TZS35 million.  Both were interviewd by the three national TV stations and were on the nightly news and various national and regional newspapers.

Nik Holbro will be joining us shortly in Tz as our in-country program manager.  Nik has been completing his public health masters in Switzerland and has been busy securing partnerships and developing our new website.

Lastly, we welcome two new volunteers to MSABI.  Elvira Cadan is a water and wastewater engineer from Australia.  Dimitri Karavias is a student software engineer through the EWB-UK program.