This week with Askinia

This week has been very educational for me and I gained a lot of new experiences. This week I paid MSABI’s employee taxes at the Tanzania revenue authority (TRA). I have also been working on paying money to the national social security fund (NSSF) so I went to the NSSF office and they gave me forms to give to all of MSABI’s employees. So that they can fill them out and return it to NSSF to receive a membership number, then we can start paying money to NSSF.
Also I have been busy scanning receipts and entering them in a database so that we can balance accounts and prepare an expenditure report for this month. I have really improved my computer skills over these last few months working on things like this. The office was quite active this week because a lot of people came by to ask about the price of a Msabi pump. It is great to see how well known we are becoming. Also some school officials dropped by to informed us that they have prepared the needed drilling materials, meaning that we will soon be able to start drilling boreholes for the US donated schools.

Picture - (back left) Naomi (Front left) Askinia (Front right) Hashim (Back right) Cai