Potters for peace working with MSABI

Late last week potters for peace arrived to assist MSABI in optimizing their potting project. The first thing Potters for peace focused on was how we fire out pots.

They first noted that we should be using is a grate so that we can move the ashes from the already burned wood around to increase airflow to the wood. This in addition to the cut down of space for wood in the firebox resulted in the use of less fire wood needed for the firing.

(Left) Robert Pillers, Poters for peace filter pot trainer (Right) Nate, Student Intern. Measuring MSABI's kiln firebox for a new grate

Kiln Before grate

Kiln after grate

The next changes they recommended we make to our current firing process is to place a sheet of metal over the entrance of the firebox to serve as a form of door. This allowed us to keep more heat in the kiln rather than simply losing it to the surrounding area.

Kiln with metal sheet

We were able to complete one firing while all four members of potters for peace were here. We made two changes to our fire technique:
1. To raise the heat slowly over a longer period of time.
2. To use cones as an indicator of whether the pots were finished or not.

Cone placed on pots before firing