Meet Bruno

My name is Bruno Sanga my responsibilities are to work at the pottery as a project manager. This month I went to Mangula to buy clay and transport it to Ifakara where our pottery station is. I went with an MSABI driller who helped me dig up and bring the clay to the road. The next day we transported the clay by truck. All the materials were prepared with in a week, and soon the potters started to produce the pots. Up to now we have been producing the pots manually because the molds arrived late. We will try to make three pots with the molds in the beginning of June. Also the Potters for peace will visit our project in the middle of June from the 10th – 21st.  They need to see what we are doing and give advice where help is needed. I hope they will also learn something from us. We will show them how we prepare materials, make pots and fire in our kiln. We have also planned to fix the Kiln, because there are some crakes inside. We are looking to order a huge amount of clay from Mangula because we need to produce the pots with a press.