Last week with Potters for Peace

After analyzing our firing, the potters for peace team helped us with the production of our filters. First the newly received molds had to be mounted on the press borrowed from the Ifakara Health Institute. Together with the people from potters for peace we designed a frame that we could mount on this press and align the two molds.

After this, the remainder of their time here was spent producing filters with different mixtures of clay, rice husk and sand. They taught our team of women potters and Bruno how to measure the mixture ratios, how to process the material and how to press the filters.

These filters have now dried for about 2 weeks and will be fired this week.

At the end of their stay they showed us how to apply silver to the filters to increase the filter efficiency. Then they went together with Naomi to Dar es Salaam to show her which machinery MSABI might purchase for a more efficient filter production and where some of the required materials can be purchased.

All four PFP visitors are very knowledgeable about filter pots and knew exactly what they were doing and what is required to build up a working filter factory. They showed us that MSABI was on the right track and helped us to improve our production process. Their visit has had a huge impact on where we stand in the development of our filter pot project and provided MSABI with a better image of what steps we will make in the future.