The rains have subsided somewhat here in ifakara and people can now venture out with pikipikis to the villages, though several portions of the road are still a nightmare to say the least and the novice on the pikipiki are having to learn it fast and the hard way....i'm talking about myself!
And now that people are finally able to get out of the office, its a busy time......
Marco and Bruno in the pottery project are making preparations for the arrival of the moulds at ifakara, with Bruno going to Kisawasawa,Mangula to get a large batch of clay enough for 2-3 firing. Marco is consulting with John our pumps welder to source for material for fabricating the plates that shall go onto the press to aid mounting of the moulds.
Hashim is off to Mlimba some 120km from ifakara to search for the remaining 4 out of the 12 schools that will recieve sponsorship for pumps under the US Ambassador grant.
Maurus and Cai are in Namawala, some 35km from ifakara, busy developing the rope pump model that has wooden frames instead of the metal A-frame, which hopefully shall serve as the model to use with irrigation. It involves some rigorous work of boiling teak poles in oil..makes for some interesting work!
Stanislaus, the main fundi in the latrines project is in Videnge area of Namawala continuing with interventions on the latrines belonging to the villagers, that involves putting fly traps on vents of these latrines. Plans are in the very early stages with the village heads of the community of Namawala, to provide a piece of communal land in Namawala, which shall be the site for a new MSABI compost latrine that is open to the public in Namawala and that shall generate enough compost material to supply a small community vegetable garden adjacent to it.