Checking our Pumps

Over the last month MSABI has started the second annual survey of its installations. The survey is aimed at monitoring and assisting the maintenance of the pumps. During the survey information is collected on any parts that have needed replacement, how money was found to replace them and customer satisfaction with their pumps. We are also giving out a small bottle of oil, PVC glue, a spanner, a hacksaw blade, a jointing tool made from a short piece of PVC pipe and a maintenance manual including contact details to purchase spare parts and call-out repair service. This ‘New Pump Pack’ costs less than $6 but should ensure that the pump is maintained indefinitely.

Initial findings from the first 30 pumps surveyed indicate a 100% customer satisfaction rate (although this may say more about Tanzanian culture than our pumps) and all pumps functional with the first pump installed, to date, not needing any repair at all.