Latest installations

The team are focusing on our systems delivery, the pottery project and water quality testing at present.  
We are aiming to improve how we deliver our new water point projects in terms of records, quality and reporting.  As a small volunteer organisation we do our best and are continuously aiming to improve.  The pottery team have located a new source of clay which we hope will result in improved quality and consistency of our filter pots.  Some recent lab test results this week from Marco found a >99% removal of bacteria - we are progressively improving and I think by the end of this year we will have a pot of consistent quality ready for the community.  Naomi has been in the field collecting water samples for testing.  Preliminary results have shown that MSABI borehole water had no faecal contamination (1 FCU compared to bottled water control 2 FCU) whilst open wells tested showed too many to count >200 FCU.  We need to do a dilution test on the open wells to get the total count.  This is a good early indication showing the big differences in safety and quality from drinking MSABI water compared to local sources.  Naomi has also located our next school for a latrine and wastewater treatment installation - Ikwambi in Mofu, student population-330, current latrines only 4.  Joseph is in Mangula (50km from Ifakara) doing school eduction programs.  You may see in the below posts that Mangula has one of the worst coverages of access to safe water in the villages we have surveyed.


We have completed 153 installations now.  Here are some pictures of the latest installations.

New installation with local contribution from Mzee Mwanyamba and international support from GHD
Local contribution from Mzee Balozi.  Location Mbasa, Ifakara.  Tanzanian support from the DAR GOAT RACES

Local contribution from Mzee Mwanyamba with international support from GHD

Local contribution from Athuman Kijazi.  Support from Mzee Katri IN MEMORY OF HIS SON MARHUM YASIN KHATRI

Installation for Awadhi Ngaula