I'm currently in Basel, Switzerland.  Yesterday I met with Professor Marcel Tanner, Director of the Swiss Tropical Public Health Institute and Dr Nik Holbro.  The Swiss TPH are a major partner with MSABI.  They have been providing civil servant volunteers and more recently supporting the establishment of a health research program evaluating the impact of MSABI interventions (we currently have 3x Master students in Ifakara undertaking research).  Nik, who was a previous civil servant volunteer for MSABI, is currently completing a Masters program in Public Health.  After completion of his studies, in July, Nik will rejoin MSABI as our in-country Program Manager.  The Swiss TPH will be sponsoring his salary package.  Having the Swiss TPH as a partner benefits MSABI greatly.  In our discussions we made plans for future linkages and developments which myself and Nik will work on over the next month.  Hopefully there should be some good news coming as a result.
Cheers, Dale.