Upload of Recent MSABI Borehole and Pump Installations

I have a swag of MSABI installation photos to share with everyone.  I updated my hard disk when I was in Tanzania.  We try very hard to ensure that all our sponsors receive a picture and gps location of the pump that they help install.  With our small NGO and limited resources it can take time to get this documentation processed and logged.  Thanks to all our donors.  We appreciate your support, your patience and your interest in MSABI.

I would also like to point-out and thank the local Tanzanian community for their support.  On two fronts.  First one of our larger corporate sponsors is the Tanzanian Breweries Limited.  Secondly, every single installation requires a significant community contribution.  For a group the total investment is approximately 45% of the total cost.  For a private family where the water is shared/sold amongst the community, their contribution is 65% of the total cost.  And for a private installation (non-shared) there is no subsidy.

For schools MSABI will subsidize the total installation cost (through a donation).  We require the school to sign a contract to commit to an upkeep and maintenance subscription of TZS6000 per month (approx $4/month).  In return MSABI ensures the pump will always be working - we will do maintenance and replace any parts when needed.  (It is kind of like road side assist!).  This novel idea is working really well up to date.  In the longterm we hope to have created a maintenance business for local MSABI contractors.  We are offering this service to our groups and private customers too.  Clients/schools can even pay from their mobile phone using "zap" service.  If a school breaks their contract and stops their monthly payments we will lock the pump and put up signs to inform the community.  Touch wood - we have had no problems since starting this program late 2010.

The total cost of a 20-30m deep new borehole and rope pump is TZS1.4 million (approx. US$1000).  This cost comes from our latest detailed cost estimates for installation and incorporates overheads such as our little office, accounting and records, motorbikes for travel, local mgt supervision and quality control.  To help subsidize a new installation we require a donation of $600 only.  Now compare that to large NGOs who contract out this work for between $12-15,000 per job!!!!  Can you actually donate your money for a new borehole and pump to any other NGO and receive direct feedback on the progress and finalization of the work?

We encourage the owners of the pumps to sell water to their community members.  The average price for a bucket of water is 2-3 cents.  Now this has the following benefits:
1. The owner makes a business - they have a vested interest to maintain their pump.  They have a daily income that can be used for any emergency repairs.  They can save the money to recoup the outlay costs of the pump (for example asset repaid in 6 months - 150 days selling 100 buckets at 3c is $450 - 45% of the total cost).
2. The wider community receives cheap, clean and safe water. (Note paying for water is an accepted practice in all villages we work.  Often MSABI is replacing dangerous open well water - which people have to pay the same price for - with MSABI safe borewater).

So I would like to coin a new phrase.  CPPs  Community Private Partnerships!  (Ok there are PPPs but this is different). MSABI is linking up private donors with community groups to form joint ventures for safe water and small business enterprises!!!

Cheers, Dale.

Mama Njayahga partnered with Australian Direct Aid

Abdalah Libanga partnered with Dar Goat Races Charity

Anthony Joachim partnered with Soich Family Wurtulla

Balozi group from MBASA village partnered with Dar Goat Races Charity

Bartholomew Kaduma partnered with Australian Direct Aid

Benjamani Masombola at Mbasa partnered with Val and Al Hammond

Caz Primary School partnered with Tanzanian Breweries Limited (TBL)

Chiwa Chiwa Primary School partnered with Morgan Richards and Elisa Walsh

Dossantos Giolo at Lupiro Village partnered with DGR

IDD Charo Group partnered with Linda Blackwell

Videnge group partnered with Jared Kilby

Kenedy Haule raised installation for local irrigation - partnered with GHD Young Professionals

Londo School partnered with Nerida Cooper

Lucian Fungo partnered with Karen Williams

 Madukani Primary School partnered with TBL
Mama Nema partnered with Australian Direct Aid

Mangwale group partnered with Australian Direct Aid 
 Mary Kosmos partnered from Idete partnered with the Soich Family from Wurtulla
Mkusi School pump installation thanks to TBL 
Mlabani Seconday School pump installation thanks to TBL 
Modestus Plack from Mbingu partnered with Australian Direct Aid 
Modestus Plack helped install a second pump in partnership with ADA 
Mwaliumu Daula in partnership with Laurelle Euston 
Mwema Madenga in partnership with ADA 
Nakagura School at Mngeta found support from TBL

This is at Ngai School at Mngeta village.  They were supported by TBL

Njage School supported by TBL.  

Prisca Lipungu in partnership with Morgan Richards and Elisa Walsh
Rehema Samso in partnership with Margaret Smith 
Sabas Mawanga in partnership with Vicki Sherwood
Thabith Mitwango in partnership with the Thomson family from Wellington
Vigaeni School at Mbingu with support from GHD Young Engineers