This month MSABI had a visit from iWASH, a group sponsored in part by USAid, who use the same drilling and pump technology and a similar self-sustaining model as us, and they are only up the road in Morogoro. They visited us to help promote our product and share experiences and discuss how we can both save time, effort and money by not doubling up on certain tasks such as systems and technology development. I believe that there was a real mutual respect for each other’s objectives, methods and achievements and that we both are very interested to learn how each other grow. iWASH have invited a MSABI member to attend along with someone from SHIPO (who trained us both in the technology) to attend an annual “Maji Week” which will bring together the different members from the industry in Tanzania. We also plan a regular meeting every four to six months with SHIPO, iWASH and ourselves to continue to share each other’s experiences and findings.