Completion of TBL Phase-1

Phase-1 of the TBL “bila maji hakuna uhai” collaboration with MSABI is completed. Key achievements include:

Safe water for Schools program – completion of 10 new boreholes and rope pumps. Each pump is sign written “Donated by TBL”. The ten new installations provide clean and safe water to an estimated 6,190 children. The total cost to TBL is represented at TZS 8,000,000 or only TZS 1,300 per child. (AUD$1/child)

Sanitation for Schools program - The MSABI engineering design team has selected an environmentally sound treatment process that incorporates a 2-stage septic system with shallow infiltration trenches and evapotranspiration fruit and vegetable gardens. The objective is to provide adequate latrine to student ratios and to protect the shallow drinking water aquifers from sewage waste. MSABI has completed the installation of a large 8-stall latrine block at Idete Primary School (851 students) and a new latrine system for Chiwachiwa Primary School (300 students). For these two pilot projects TBL contributed TZS TZS 5,282,350, representing an outlay of only TZS 4,590 per child. (AUD$3.50/child)

Education program – The TBL MSABI education team performed more than 750 meetings in the rural regions surrounding the villages of Ifakara, Idete, Namawala, Mbingu, Mofu, Mngeta and Mangula – a total of 23,400 community members attended these meetings. MSABI also visited 45 schools in the Kilombero district, educating more than 22,000 primary school children. The education team provided information on how to improve access to safe water and better sanitation, and explained basic hygiene rules. They also assessed and mapped local water points – the data will be used by MSABI to identify areas of critical need. The total cost of this program to date is TZS6,895,000, representing an education cost of TZS 150 per person (<2c per child). There is remaining budget in the education program, and this work continues with a further 40 meetings scheduled in the village of Mangula.

Water Quality Testing Unit – TBL provided sponsorship for the purchase of a new DelAgua water test kit valued at TZS 5,400,000. This is the only water quality testing unit in the entire Kilombero and Ulanga Districts. MSABI will initiate a regular water quality testing regime for its installed water points and also offer water quality testing to the community, local government and other institutions in the region.