The above picture shows our drilling team minus Ally, our new Namawala site manager. From left to right: (top row:) Cai, Ngila, Thomas, Kretus, Helman (in blue:) Haji, Maurus, Pedro, (front row:) Hashim, Akwalina, Bahati, Almanzi and Elasto.

Over the last month we have carried on with implementing various quality control measures. We now have a new ‘drilling log’ for our drillers, it now doesn’t require them to calculate the depth but simply asks, pictorially, for them to draw a representation of a sample taken each time they add a pipe to the drilling shaft. We had a meeting with all the drillers to explain the new quality checks. Then to conclude my mum, who was visiting, gave us an example of a lesson in basic numeracy and Kiswahili literacy which I plan to continue weekly once I find a competent teacher.