TBL Update

Below are some updated pictures of the first large-scale school latrine that MSABI is under-taking as part of our collaboration with Tanzanian Breweries Limited.
Builder working on the latrine block.  The septic tank is covered by plastic.  The outlet pipe is running to the distribution box in the foreground.  Shallow mounded irrigation trenches will run out of the distribution box where effluent will irrigate a banana, papaya and maize plantation.

Latrine block and septic tank

2-stage septic tank with concrete plaster lining to prevent waste from seeping into the ground at depth.  The aim is to capture the solids in the first chamber where anaerobic digestion will reduce the organic load and volume of sludge.  Liquid effluent passes through the baffle wall holes into the second chamber before exiting to the distribution box for irrigation.

The walls of the latrine block go up.

Our MSABI building team proudly wear their MSABI-TBL sponsored t-shirts.

Recently completed borehole and pump for Kapolo Caz School.  Sponsored by Tanzanian Breweries Limited.

Mlabani Secondary School sponsored by TBL.

The Schools' are contributing materials of bricks, sand, gravel and food and accommodation for the MSABI team.  TBL is sponsoring the remaining costs.  Phase 1 will see 10x new safe water installations at schools, and 2x new latrines with improved septic treatment and shallow infiltration trenches with fruit trees used to absorb nutrients.