TBL progress report

MSABI – TBL collaboration: Status of phase 1
Current progress as of 27th of October 2010:
1. Rope pump installations in schools with no safe water source so far
• Finished: Mlabani Secondary School, Ifakara (benefiting about 600 students).
Thanking letter from school authorities attached as PDF.
• Finished: Kapolo Caz School, Kapolo (benefiting about 300 pupils)
• In progress: Matundu Hill Secondary School, Idete
• In progress: Madukani Primary School, Ifakara (benefiting about 700 students)
2. Building of school latrines
• In progress, nearly finished: Idete Primary School (benefiting more than 1000 pupils
who had only 8 latrines so far!)
3. Education program
• 5 community education teams (of 2 people each) working in 5 different villages
• 1 school education team active in primary schools doing education about safe water
and hygiene
4. Printing of MSABI-TBL T-shirts and shirts
• 45 t-shirts printed
• 5 shirts printed
5. Printing of MSABI-TBL banner
• Banner printed with TBL logo and MSABI logo, size: about 2m times 1,5m. It has not
been used yet, as soon as the first media meeting with TBL takes place, it will be the
optimal background for pictures.
6. Purchase of GPS devices
• The GPS devices have been bought and are all in use by the education teams, which
are mapping current water sources as well as new MSABI water points.
7. Purchase of water testing kit
• The DelAgua water testing kit has arrived in Ifakara and is being used for various
water testing purposes. Staff is trained to be able to follow the procedures without
much supervision. The testing kit could already help us a lot to identify water sources
where the water quality is not sufficient.