MSABI update

Stay tuned for the October MSABI newsletter due out very soon.

News from the field is very exciting.  We are nearing 100 pump installations - currently at 96, of which 85 are boreholes.  Our local staff exceeds 30 persons, we are actively hiring for an accountant/administrator and a senior/management engineer and a graduate engineer.  We have also hired a young Kenyan female engineering graduate on an internship position starting in November.  The foreign volunteer management staff are hitting their strides after a few months on the ground.  We are getting close on a commercial filter pot, the education team is covering enormous ground with 5x teams in action and the drilling and rope pump teams are all fully booked for at least the next 2-months.  We are still experiencing some problems with rocks when drilling - so we are getting serious about searching for a mechanical drill rig to be capable of drilling through rock and deep wells beyond 50m.  Also, we have recently rented an office in the main street of Ifakara - which will serve as a place where the community can find us and learn about MSABI.

I have to make special mention of our two Tanzanian field managers who have worked with MSABI since day one - starting in our first education team and later working as drillers and now as managers/co-ordinators.  I am told that Hashim and Maurus are basically running day-to-day activities and are an invaluable part of our team.  It is very rewarding to see the personal development of our staff - taking uneducated subsistent farmers and turning them into leaders.

I would like to publish a text email from Hashim from the field:
(bear in mind Hashim is basically self taught in English - he has year 10 formal education)

Dear msabi team.i would like to say thanks for working hard as a team
and involving in discation together.i know that each seaction now
going clealy. Dale did u know that Msabi looks like a sun
at the mount peak now we have number of client waiting for us
includind TBL.For e.g yesterday i was at Lungongole this village want
to sign contract of 9water in this show that community obey
that msabi doing a good job and changes of price.also myself i want to
sign contract for my water dale please still ask and be like
a sailing fan to our sponsors for mechanic rigs. Also dale remember
that ur like our bactborn for us local staff so still and take care
for our sponsor this can make us to be still msabi worker.for us we
have a big job to make client believing in msabi to make every thing
clear and no cheating.thanks to Nick,Cai,Mirco and local
staffs for working hard.keep it up!!!!!Cheeeeer.