MSABI blog - Dale update

Hi Everyone, Dale here.

Firstly, thanks Nik for the blog update.
The blog entries have been pretty slow of late.  We have been debating whether we should keep the blog or not.  I am all for it, but for the guys and girls in Tanzania it seems to be a bit much for them sometimes when they are out in the field all day 6-7 days a week.  I was lucky to have a very long talk to the foreign volunteers  (Mirco, Cai and Nik) last week.  They are living up to the engineer/scientist generalization - head down, and going about their work without yelling and screaming to the world what they are up to.  Really a huge amount of work is going on each day on the ground and I am very proud of the efforts of the MSABI team.  We now have over 30 Tanzanians working full-time on the project.  Cai has been continuing his efforts to improve the rope pump quality and design.  Nik is driving the education and pottery.  Mirco is doing a lot of management of the team and our accounts as well as looking after the latrine project.  He is starting on the construction of a septic treatment system with a novel mound irrigation system this week for the Idete Primary School - 1100 students with only 8 toilets at the moment.  We will build them another 8 toilets with proper waste treatment (with reuse) thanks to sponsorship from Tanzanian Breweries Limited.

We (you) are all very interested to know what is happening week to week with MSABI first hand from our team on the ground- so I have been on their backs hounding them to try to get some blog news out there.  So the team has committed to one entry each per month - so that should mean around 1 new blog each week.

In addition we have launched our new MSABI monthly newsletter.  The first newsletter from August can be downloaded from our website:

I have to thank Alison who did a lot of work on our first newsletter.  We are sad to say goodbye to Alison, who has finished her volunteer time with MSABI and is heading back to the UK to finish her studies.  We hope to see her again in the future.  Thanks for your efforts Alison!!!

The remaining volunteers will continue to put out a monthly newsletter.  I am told the September issue is due out late this week.  If you would like to subscribe then please email: 

Our current foreign volunteer team will be finishing up towards the end of the year.  We have recently been advertising for new volunteers.  We have been surprised at the large number of applications received.  We hope to employ 1-2 post-graduate Tanzanians and 1-2 foreign volunteers to help manage the project and continue the high energy focus on our sub-projects of education, water points, latrines and pot filters.

In other news - I have been back at full time work in Australia with GHD for nearly 1-month now.  It is a very busy time for me, trying to adjust back to the office work environment and also keep on top of MSABI.  Last week I was invited to Adelaide to do a presentation at the GHD AGM.  It went really well and GHD are very happy with MSABI and we look forward to their continued support.

Talking about support - I would like to thank the following people for their recent donations:

  • The Dunne Family - Shelley Beach Caloundra
  • Marhum Hasin - Tanzanian/UK
  • Kurt Euston - Boonah
  • Haylie Marchant and Luke Koutsos