Education and pottery news

Hi. Nik here. A few news from Ifakara:
Lots of work at the moment but everything works very well.

The education program starts running really well. We are now educating people in 5 different villages: Ifakara, Idete, Namawala, Mofu and Mngeta. We have 5 teams assessing and mapping water points and giving personalized feedback on how the communities can improve their access to safe water and ameliorate their health by treating water. We are assessing about 20 water points per day and educating about 500 to 1000 people per day. We are setting up a completely new program for schools and will have one team going to primary schools from next week on, educating kids about safe water and hygiene.

Filter pot project : We have now 1 more woman working for us, we are producing 9 different pot prototypes and we try to fire the kilin 1 or 2 times per week. In the last burning some pots melted, so we still have to get better in firing the kilin. We are collaborating with the IHI in testing the pots for filtration effectiveness and flow rate. The testing seems to start working now, at the beginning we had lots of problems with controls not showing what expected (such as distilled water with bacteria). We have 2 very skilled Tanzanian staff helping us and we are trying to speed up the testing process and aim at testing 5-8 pots per day. We got the first few pots showing highly effective filtration, however the variability in filtration effectiveness between pots is still very high. ..but looks promising…!!

Education team in primary school

Pot firing

Pot firing by night