New media channels

Dear MSABI Blog Followers,

We are sorry for not communicating anything at all in the last few weeks on this blog.

We are discussing the use of this blog. At the moment we are discussing about the importance of the blog and would like some feedback/comments from our blog readers.
Please send us your thoughts to our MSABI E-Mail address and tell us if you would like us to continue with writing on this blog.

We decided to make some major changes, that consist of the following:
  • We are updating the general website ( very soon with minor updates and in the long run with several new pages and major changes.
  • We will add pdf-reports on the website about detailed evaluations, challenges and experiences in all the different subprojects.
  • We are doing a monthly 1-page newsletter that will be sent out to all our contacts, donors, and friends.

We think that combining a monthly newsletter with the updated website and certain pdf-files (like 'project challenges faced') can communicate more directly with each of the target audience. Also it will make it easier to find specific information of interest about the subprojects.

That's it for the moment.

Just a short notice: We signed the contract with Tanzania Breweries Limited in Dar es Salaam last week and are really happy about this collaboration. There was also a big media attendance reporting the whole thing in TV and newspapers. Have a look here: