Heading Home

Hi Dale here.  The team has been super busy the last few weeks.  In between training and installing 7 new pumps I managed a short trip to Dar to buy supplies.  Tomorrow I head home.  It comes at an exciting period and it would have been really great to stay on for longer - however family and a paying job are calling me back to OZ.  I'm really tired at the moment, I will try and insert some pictures of the last week or so and provide some comments.

Myself, Mirco and Anders visited Namwawala to inspect the pit latrines.  On the way we stopped by the first borehole installation that MSABI did - just over 1 year ago.  Hard to imagine we have completed 65 pump installations since this first job.

Mirco (background) will be managing a 3-month evaluation review of the compost latrines.  It is a challenging project.  A lot of time will be required to work with the owners of these new installations.  Some problems include some users standing over a sit down toilet and some poor drainage issues.

A young girl carries a large bucket of water away from an MSABI open well conversion water point.

In the past two weeks many days have been spent discussing the MSABI project.  I have spent a lot of time providing lessons on my experiences here, plus also we have had many strategic discussions on what we aim for in regards to MSABI's future.  It is great to see everyone actively engaged and taking ownership of the project at such an early stage.  

Pelegria stands next to a larger than life size picture of herself making a clay filter pot.  She is the leader of the women's group that we are working with.  When she saw this poster she couldn't stop laughing and clucking away for about 10 minutes.

Baba Modestus shows Cai the kiln used to fire the filter pots.

When we visited the women's pottery group we had an impromptu performance from a passing women's church choir group.
Introduction meeting with the women's pottery group.  Cai, Alison, Mirco and Nik.

The women's pottery group.  

Mirco and visitor Sally came to look at a recent borehole and pump installation.  This one is donated by Jerome Gill.

Mirco shows that it is possible to pump water without the pump.....the rope and pistons connected in a loop can pump water when pulling the rope in a circuit around the rising main.

Sometimes we work in really ugly places.

MSABI driller Elasto stands infront of his work - Kapolo Secondary School.